Where are you located?

EuroCars LLC
3515 Centre Circle #106
Fort Mill SC 29715
Phone # (803) 426-3208
FAX # (866) 408-8895

Email info@eurocarsllc.com

Tentative hours:
Monday - Saturday 9AM - 6:00PM
Sunday By Appointments Only
Please, call (803) 426-3208

Directions can be easily found by filling in your location at Google Maps:
Directions Page.

Directions from Charlotte:
- Take I-77 South
- Take Exit 90 (Carowinds Boulevard)
- Turn left from the exit ramp
- Take first traffic lights to the left (Spring Hill Farm Road)
- Take second street to the left (Centre Circle Drive)

Directions from Rock Hill:
- Take I-77 North
- Take Exit 90 (Carowinds Boulevard)
- The exit ramp ends with traffic lights
- Go straight through the traffic lights (Spring Hill Farm Road)
- Take second street to the left (Centre Circle Drive)

Why should I consider buying a car from you? Price is the obvious answer. We encourage every client to shop around and compare the prices. We purchase directly from Volvo, Ford and other manufacturers in the same fashion as the largest dealer does - our cars are of superior quality and offered at a lower price.

Why are your cars so much less expensive than at other dealerships? Is there anything wrong with the cars? You may want to ask this question in reverse. Do I pay way too much elsewhere? Most dealerships have a significant overhead cost - paying for large buildings, employing many sales people, spending large sums of money on advertisng, etc...someone has to pay for all of this; a good guess would be that it is likely you, the customer...

I always buy my cars from Johnny at a local big store. He takes care of me. Why should I try something else? Most sales people in the delaership have no say whatsoever what cars they will be selling or how much they are. Just because you bought from the sales person before does not mean that you are getting a good car at a good price.

The big dealership here sells certified (CPO) cars - are your cars certified? We cannot sell or advertise our cars as "Manufacturer Certifed", but we can have the car inspected using the same standards before you decide to purchase the car .

My dealer offers extended warranty on all cars. Do your cars come with the same warranty?

Extended warranties can be purchased separately from most manufacturers.
There is no benefit from having an extended warranty on a 1 year old car with standard 4 year warranty in place. Your extended warranty will not be activated for another 3 years - it may make more sense to purchase the extended warranty just before the original warranty expiration.

If you are interested in extended warranty options from Volvo USA, Audi USA or BMW USA, please call us or ask about the pricing during your visit. We will be glad to help.

How much are the taxes in SC and plate fees?

SC: Sales Tax tops out at $300.00 per vehicle. The Plates are $39 for a new one or $25 for a plate transfer.

NC: Highway & Use Tax is 3%. The plates are $68 for a new one or $55 for a transfer. NC residents also have to pay a Property Tax that depends on the purchaser's address and county. It is usually around 1.5%.

Other States: Please call us 803-426-3208 with any questions about your state requirements.

How much are your Doc Fees? Why do I have to pay them?

Our Doc Fee is $379.00. This is non-negotiable (please, do not ask). The fee is charged for several reasons:

1) There are legitimate expenses associated with your vehicle purchase. Pretty much all dealers charge these fees to offset theses expenses. Some big stores are charging up to $850 in fees and we cannot simply offer the car at a lower price while not recovering any of the expenses we incurr prior to the vehicle sale.

2) The auction where your car likely came from is charging us a Buy Fee. The average Manheim Auction buy fee on a $50,000 car is $850. Dealers pay Doc Fees too.

2) We also have to transport the vehicle from the auction which on average cost $400. If the car came from California, the shipping can get up to $800 or more.

3) There are also expenses with car preparation, detailing and advertising. We also process your plates and FedEx you the plates and/or registration from DMV.

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EuroCars LLC, Fort Mill SC 29715, (803) 426-3208

EuroCars LLC, Fort Mill SC 29715, (803) 426-3208